Large Quantity Discounts

Current turnaround time on Large Quantity Orders before shipping:  5-7 working days

Please note: Free shipping is excluded from large quantity discount orders.

  • Minimum of 25 or more ribbons. Can mix and match colors.
  • All ribbons are now 42" long x 5/8" wide.
  • Large Quantity Discount Orders are shipped within 6-14 business days of purchase.
    Larger quantity discount orders may take longer or shorter depending on how many you order and the time of year. (see above for current turnaround time)
    (April-May & Sept-Dec are the most busiest times of year.)
  • Upon receipt of your order I will send you a ship by date.

Codes to use at checkout:
Ribbons: 42" long  x  5/8"  wide
Retail Price $4.99

25-49 ribbons: $4.74 per ribbon - 5% Off retail
Code for Checkout: DIS4225

50-99 ribbons: $4.49 per ribbon - 10% Off retail
Code for Checkout: DIS4250

100+ ribbons: $4.24 per ribbon - 15% Off retail
Code for Checkout: DIS42100