Large Quantity Discounts

NEW! No sign up or login needed for large quantity discounts.

Please note: Free shipping is excluded from large quantity discount orders.

  • Minimum of 25 or more ribbons. Can mix and match colors.
  • All ribbons are now 42" long x 5/8" wide.
  • Large Quantity Discount Orders are shipped within 5-12 business days of purchase.
    Larger quantity discount orders may take longer or shorter depending on how many you order and the time of year.
    (April-May & Oct-Dec are the most busiest times of year.)
  • Upon receipt of your order I will send you a ship by date.
Codes to use at checkout:
Ribbons: 42" long  x  5/8"  wide
Retail Price $4.49

25-49 ribbons: $4.27 per ribbon - 5% Off retail
Code for Checkout: DIS4225

50-99 ribbons: $4.04 per ribbon - 10% Off retail
Code for Checkout: DIS4250

100-199 ribbons: $3.82 per ribbon - 15% Off retail
Code for Checkout: DIS42100

200+ ribbons: $3.59 per ribbon - 20% Off retail
Code for Checkout: DIS42200